- We are followers of Jesus Christ who want to be what the church is called by God to
be. We focus on the clear teaching of the Bible, genuine godly love, relationships filled
with grace, a concern for the salvation of those who don't know Jesus and are hurting
by the effects of sin - both physically and spiritually.

- We believe the Bible is true in all it teaches and it is the Bible that feeds the
believer's heart and mind.

- We believe acceptance by God is a gift He offers to all who will receive it - by
believing that Jesus is fully both God and man, and that He, as our substitute, paid the
penalty of our guilt toward God and secured for us eternal life by means of His death
and resurrection .

- We believe each person must personally receive Jesus by faith alone in order to
receive full forgiveness and eternal life.

- We believe God requires all mankind to submit to Him though mankind is naturally
hostile to God and unable to choose Him or submit to His authority. But the born again
believer will demonstrate His love for God and new relationship with Him by joyfully
submitting to the gracious commands of God by the enablement he/she has received
by virtue of being made alive to God through Jesus' salvation.
Pastor Jim Brown is our pastor. He is a loving shepherd who has had many years of
different ministry experiences. He was educated at Grand Canyon College in Phoenix,
Arizona, Talbot Seminary in LaMirada Calif. and Dallas Seminary in Dallas Tx. But he
says he learned how to minister from his years of experience in church and missions by
the example of many good pastors and leaders. And although he earned a doctor of
ministry degree, he prefers being called "pastor" as he considers that title as what best
describes how God made him.

He loves to teach God's word, encourage others to keep on following Jesus, looks to
stretch others by discipling them to serve in new areas of ministry according to biblical
standards of service and is always sharig Jesus with someone. He is very personable
and avaliable just about any time of the day.

Jim is married to his incrediably lovely wife Colleen, and they have two great children,
Emily and Franklin.