Worship comes from love - for God - for those who have been
forgiven much, love much. Worship is an foused event and an
attitude of life - our lives are to be lived in continued worship and
service to the Lord. When we properly love God our worship is
pleasing to Him and fulfilling to us. We meet to worship as a
focused event as a body of those who love God through Jesus
Christ. Come join us.
Jesus is the hero of heaven, the only star anyone will notice in
eternity and the delight of our lives. We worship Him, our hero who
saved us - and we worship the Father who so loved us that He
sent His only begotten Son to save us. We focus on what all of
heaven focuses on - not though we appreciate the vehicles that
aid our worship such as the building, music, lighting or technology,
these are not the measure of our worship.
The Father God has enabled all believers to worship Him in spirit and in truth through the
salvation Jesus secured for His sheep. Our worship is from our hearts of love for God,
through Jesus Christ who is the focus and attraction of our worship, and founded upon the
truth God has revealed to us in His written word.
Jer. 3;15 -"Then I will give you shepherds after My own
heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding."

The truth that our worship is based in Jesus' statement "worship
in...truth" is the same knowledge and understanding that feeds our
souls. It is God's inspired and inerrent written Word. It is the tool
the Spirit of God uses to feed us and which we worship through.
Our worship is from hearts of love, focused on Jesus the
attraction, and grounded in the clear teaching of God's written