Worship comes from love - for God - for those who have been
forgiven much, love much. Our worship is among brothers and
sisters in is family meeting not an event. All who attend
should leave knowing God's love is among us, His flock.
Come join us.
Jesus is the hero of heaven, the only star anyone will notice in
eternity and the delight of our lives. We worship Him, our
Redeemer who saved us. But Jesus turns our eyes to the Father
from whom are all things, for us to worship Him. We focus on what
all of heaven focuses on - The Father through the Son - and all the
parts of our worship are designed to never distract from this focus.
John 17:17, "...Thy Word is Truth."
To worship God "in spirit and in truth" means we must focus on
God's Word which is the truth of God. It is God's Word is the what
God has planned for the Spirit of God to use to feed us and
through what we worship through. Therefore our teaching of God's
written Word is the focus of our worship.
copyright Grace Bible Church 2021